Hey I'm Albert,
Digital Product Designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm passionate about bridging the gap between technology and people by building responsible products that improve the wellbeing of people, the planet and its communities.

Currently I'm working with Canva, helping to empower the world to design anything and publish anywhere.
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Case Studies

A Cloud Guru

Making the cloud more accessible through education.

I led mobile and tablet design across the iOS and Android app - revamping the educational experience for over one million learners.

Xplor Home

Connecting parents with their children's education.

I was the first Product Designer at Xplor and re-designed an experience for 150'000+ active parent users, solving problems of scale at the growing start-up.

Xplor Playground

Helping Educators plan learning journeys and monitor health.

I led the design of Xplor's new mobile and web app, establishing Xplor as a major brand in Australian Education.


Camping and hiking are the perfect zen outing for me and taking a camera along helps to anchor those experiences.