Hey, I'm Albert 👋

Product designer, travel photographer, camper and cat enthusiast.
As a 90’s kid, I grew up with the internet and have always loved to use digital technology to create. I taught myself how to build websites in primary school and launched my first website: duckinfocentral.com. I'd like to think my visual design has improved.

This eventually led to me studying digital design and marketing at university. Initially, I worked in marketing but realised I wanted to create larger scale positive social impact with my work. I’m lucky a good friend introduced me to the world of user experience design(thanks Steph 🙏). 

I love working across the disciplines of the product design process - there’s always something new to learn. If I had to choose, my areas of focus would be interaction, UI design and qualitative research.

To me, good design is when every element has a purpose. It’s timeless and empowers people by seamlessly integrating with their lives.
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Profile photo with plants and cat
Meet Lemonade
When she’s not trying to sleep on my Macbook she loves swiping ankles from her tunnel.
Travel photographer
Taking a camera while travelling helps me to appreciate those experiences that much more.
Camping and hiking are the perfect zen outing for me to balance that screen time.
Meditating regularly helps to keep me anchored, in this photo I was participating in a silent retreat while staying at a Zen monastery near Nagano, Japan.

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